We devised a brand that has in its lettering the power as main perception, and it’s from it that everything starts. Rounded shapes translate proximity to consumers without losing the essence of trust and technology.


Vodo Vibe


Vodo is a brand with strong technological appeal, but at the same time, it should address proximity and transparency to its consumers. It should communicate with the tech-savvy customer – but above all, the female.

The simbol

The symbol is arranged from the lettering and is presented solo for secondary applications. Its synthesis from power + o refers to the act of turning on and connecting. It’s where everything starts.

Vodo is a tech company focused on improving and simplifying consumers’ connectivity through innovative and high-quality products. Vodo offers mobile chargers, cables and cords, covers among others.


Location: United States

Role: Branding

Date: 2018

Next Project


Mude is a wellness brand that aims to create a sense of community and value to public spaces through outdoor sports. 

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