For this project, we built a lettering focusing on the letter S, going through the whole identity and being used as a foundation on the packaging’s construction. 



Gin is a new trend among drinks. SunsetGin is unique – its balanced harmony of herbs results in a tasty beverage to be savoured among friends on any occasion. For this project, we emphasized this moment of celebration with a lot of attitude and sophistication, bringing the sunset as the brand highlight.

The colour palette was chosen to bring freshness, and the copper coloured highlights reinforce the sunset light. The result is a sophisticated, unique and robust composition.

Enjoy your
drink with Sunset Gin.

Sunset Bar is home to the most beautiful sunset in Curitiba/Brazil, a place for good meetings and quality cuisine. Now, the house launches Sunset Gin – idealized to be refreshing and unique.

Sunset Gin

Location: Brazil

Role: Branding & Packaging

Date: 2021

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