We created a set of cook bears, as part of an extended family with Omoté’s mascot. The geometric, modern logo plays along the brush-style illustrations, creating an unique universe for the brand. The colours represent a fresh look into pastel colours, inspired by the rich colours from the Wasabi and Mentayaki sauces.



Ryori is the new product brand for Omoté restaurant. The challenge was to create a brand identity and a set of packagings with its own personality, while maintaining the fun behind the restaurant’s universe, with a distinct use of characters.

Ryori is the extension of the owner’s current business Omoté – a well-known Japanese food restaurant based in Singapore. Due to the success of Omoté, the business is moving into food retailing at supermarkets. Ryori is a line of sauces and pastes inspired by the successful recipes of Omoté.


Location: Singapore

Role: Branding, Illustration & Packaging

Date: 2019

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Pachamama is an innovative brand of Teff, a cereal of high nutritional profile. Its resembles to people who want to eat healthy and get to know the origin of the products they’re buying. The organic Teff contains optimal levels of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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