We focused on a minimalist and fancy typographic design so the color would be the protagonist on the layout. Using a broad and vivant color palette, we were able to reinforce the “rainbow effect”on the shelves, enhancing Nativa SPA variety of exotic ingredients and unique sensations.



Parc Malou believes that past moments can be relived through the immersive technology of augmented reality, present in their books. The challenge is to develop a visual identity that reflects this essence, in addition to the unique care printed in each of the publisher’s books.

The shape

The shapes are ergonomic, elevating the quality of the user experience. Also, they relate to natural elements by their rounded aspect, creating a link between the products and the freshness of their composition.

Work in progress

Nativa SPA is one of the most important personal care brands from O Boticário. The product line is composed by several scents that differentiate mainly by colors.

Nativa Spa

Location: Brazil

Role: Branding & Packaging

Date: 2019

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