Parc Malou’s visual universe is guided by the concept of Present Time (from the portuguese, Tempo Presente), in which memories are transformed into vivid and shared memories. We translated the transience of time into a strong and recognizable visual symbol. The logo and symbol created coexist with graphic elements and a distinct color palette that are used in all Parc Malou’s expressions.


Parc Malou believes that past moments can be relived through the immersive technology of augmented reality, present in their books. The challenge is to develop a visual identity that reflects this essence, in addition to the unique care printed in each of the publisher’s books.

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Parc Malou

Parc Malou suggests a new meaning to the act of keeping our memories, with personalized and unique books that thrill those who relive those stories. The publishing company combines their literary care with immersive technology, by using an app that complements the experience of their books.

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Location: Brazil

Role: Branding & Packaging

Date: 2021

The simbol

Inspired by the Present Time concept, the hourglass figure is part of the visual identity for Parc Malou. Like the memories immortalized in the brand’s books, the hourglass flows smoothly between the times, giving them a new meaning. The symbol combines the hourglass concept with the letter M from the lettering.

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