We have created a strong and memorable identity which uses the feminine form represented by Mami Wata as a highlight. The color palette brings warm tones to contrast the rosé, representing the modern woman.



To create a shape that reinforced every background story of every woman, making strong oceanic reference and also conceiving a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance for the object. The volumetry of 100ml/3.38 fl. oz was also a point of attention, owing the fact that we wanted to create a singular and delicate flacon.

Girls Organic Lab creates organic personal care products personalized to individual needs. The result is a custom product that addresses each customer’s concerns with excellence.

Girls Organic Lab

Location: United States

Role: Branding, Illustration & Packaging

Date: 2019

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Nuwa is a work base and space for experiences focused on expanding women’s professional confidence, aiming at the development and formation of a feminine network of entrepreneurship and professional relations that will be extended to different capital cities.

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