We conceived a strong lettering with visual weight that infuses all universes to be explored by the brand, whether it’s scenery and settings or shop windows. The color palette with unconventional and impacting nuances reinforces Draft’s authorial personality.



The ephemeral architecture medium is packed with visual impulses. As a brand, the challenge was to develop a visual identity that would have the same modern and bold concept as Draft’s work, and that would support a strong yet timeless brand.

Draft is a sister company of Sweety & Co. focused on ephemeral architecture. We develop graphic concepts for films, sets, shop windows and installations. We use our background in graphic design to create powerful visuals materialized in physical spaces.


Location: Brazil

Role: Branding

Date: 2020

Using an expanded and geometric typography to bring modernity to the brand, the short version of the logo is the letter D — which delivers flexibility and responsivity to the concept.

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Heart et Vie is an e-commerce that gathers, in one place, exclusive high-quality products, carefully chosen by its creator, Tarliza Schall. The name is a composition from the French and English languages, that translates the essence of the brand and highlights love as the foremost aspect to be considered at the beginning of a new life.

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