We are Sweety

Worldwide design with a Brazilian touch.

Based in Brazil, spreading ideas around the world. We are a multidisciplinary team that aims to elevate design to a collectible level and create emotional bonds among people, products and brands.

This is our goal: to transform each product in something relevant and unique, converting everyday items into objects of desire through sweetness, vibrancy and joy.

Meet the Team

Isabela Rodrigues

Creative Director

Ariane Rauber

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Raissa Caldas

Product Designer

Glaiton Tatsch

Graphic Designer

Gustavo Lindermann

Graphic Designer

Gabriela Rigatti

Graphic Designer

Marina Helena Müller

Graphic Designer

Dolores Nunes

Graphic Designer

More than people, SWT is a team. We work with a plural, creative and technical team. We are able to solve the most diverse graphic and spatial tasks with strong appeal and integrated deliveries of product, graphic and architectural design.

To work with emotional design creating collectible items with affective memory – this is our mission.

Companies We've Inspired With Our Transformation

Services We Provide





3D Product

3D Mockup


Interior Design



The Dieline Awards 2014

Petit Natural Juice

Grandes Cases 2016

Cuide-se Bem

BDA 2019

Match - O Boticário

The Dieline 2020


LAD Awards 2021

Sunset Gin - Gold

Abre 2021

Perfumaria Intense

Grandes Cases 2021


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