We have created a flexible brand system based on the ox , bringing plurality to the visual identity and also reinforcing the “butcher mood” of the place. The color palette is reduced and strong, allowing the identity to be applied in several ways.



20barra9 is a brand focused on the southern Brazil’s traditions with a contemporary touch. It aims to bring into a restaurant the idea of tasting a true barbecue, drinking and chatting with friends. The meat quality is an obsession in 20Barra9, where the greatest pleasure is to eat well, but with simplicity.

Take your fork

20BARRA9 is a restaurant and bar specialised in meat, located in south Brazil. It was created from the idea of bringing only the best quality ingredients for the dishes, making them tasty while keeping the southern Brazilian tradition of the roasted meat.


Location: Brazil

Role: Branding

Date: 2015

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